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Dakoro Edwards

Multidimensional Artist

Dakoro is an artist that has been gifted a special talent  for using various mediums,  canvas or walls to make any atmosphere his works are displayed feel energetic.  PURE is what best describes this multidimensional creative from Syracuse New York. Viewing Dakoro's works has been said to feel like something awakens in you, it starts a conversation that you absolutely cannot keep to yourself. 

Dakoro is more than an artist. As a humanitarian, Dakoro  has donated both original works and limited edition prints to over 50 organizations, assisting in raising funds and bringing awareness to worthy causes, along with mentoring and instructing through motivational speaking and art classes in various cities and public school systems. 

Dakoro is a very humble spirit with a curiosity in his eyes that seems to have observed life from many angles such as social adversities to great triumphs.  It's no surprise that you may catch Dakoro having an in-depth conversation with a homeless person, with the same level of attentiveness he would with high ranking officials, and everyone in between. 

Mr. Edwards has received numerous awards for his artistic talents, social commitments, Live-Painting performances, and philanthropy. He has been commissioned by actors, musicians, sports athletes and politicians to create works of art that create the energy they desire to be surrounded by. Dakoro's

artwork has been featured in an array of movie, tv, and theatrical play sets, along with influential murals in high end hotels, restaurants, and city venues that include Atlanta, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and others. 

Dakoro is also the proprietor of the Dakoro Art Gallery, located in Sandy Springs Georgia. His gallery offers a wide range of original works, and serves as a creative space with scheduled openings for the community to come and create. 

"I listen to what people feel, not so much as what they say, and I try to paint the beautiful parts of humanity without hiding the sometimes painful realities". - Dakoro 





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